Time For Living Life To The Best With Oticon Hearing Devices

Time For Living Life To The Best With Oticon Hearing Devices

Oticon is a hearing aid manufacturer with an emphasis on brain support for hearing aids. The business helps users improve their hearing by utilising its patented BrainHearing technology, which transmits crisp sound signals to the brain.

Benefits Of Oticon Hearing Aids

1. Features a rechargeable option with a lithium-ion battery that holds a full day's charge after three hours of charging, along with other charging choices like a disposable battery option.

2. Some iPhones and iPads have two-way hands-free talking capabilities.

3. Offers users with sounds resembling ocean waves to help lessen the sounds of tinnitus symptoms. This service provides tinnitus relief.

Oticon More hearing aids are designed to send more sound to the brain, which will enhance speech comprehension and auditory perception. These hearing aids come in four different style options with two charging options, making them suitable for those with mild to serious hearing loss.

The company provides extra features to improve the user experience, such as a device to stream sound from a customer's TV, device controls via the Oticon ON app, and classroom hearing integrations for kids who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Cost: The price of a set of Oticon More hearing aids depends on a number of variables, including the model and store where the consumer purchases them. Pricing usually starts at $2,697 for each set.

Oticon's size and aesthetic More hearing aids come in behind-the-ear (BTE) and receiver-in-ear (RIC), also known as receiver-in-the-ear (RITE), designs. Disposable batteries are used in the miniRITE T and miniBTE T types while rechargeable batteries are used in the miniRITE R and miniBTE R styles.

Each Oticon More model has Deep Neural Network and BrainHearing technologies, which send clear sound signals to the brain.

Oticon BrainHearing technology is available in more hearing devices. The Deep Neural Network (DNN), an embedded chip in the hearing aid that has been pre-programmed with over 12 million sounds from the actual world, is a component of this technology. According to the company, the DNN technology enhances speech and reduces background noise for a clear listening experience by feeding these sounds to the brain, which uses its training on millions of sounds to better comprehend speech and noise.

These hearing aids are available in four different designs, four different colors, and with reusable or disposable batteries in addition to portable charging units. A risk-free trial is offered with every purchase of Oticon More, which also provides two-way, hands-free conversations for iPhones and iPads.

How long do Oticon hearing device batteries last?

According to an Oticon representative, the rechargeable Oticon More uses lithium-ion batteries and has a portable or desktop charger option that requires just three hours to charge for a full day of battery life, including streaming music from other devices.

Standard Characteristics Of Hearing Aids

Like all major producers, Oticon divides their selection of hearing aid models into categories based on technology and features to accommodate every patient's needs and money. All adult-specific Oticon hearing aid versions currently available come standard with the following features:

  • Wide range of hearing loss combinations can be accommodated using digital programming
  • Obtainable in a variety of designs and hues
  • Connecting wirelessly to phones and other peripheral devices
  • In order to access induction loop amplification in public places like theatres and places of worship, at least one design must be able to handle a t-coil.

Premium Elements For Hearing Aids

Premium hearing aid features, like those in the Oticon Real, are typically only offered at the highest price range and include the most cutting-edge technology.

  • A deep neural network on board that was trained to give priority to clear communication in noisy settings
  • Improved sound clarity and speed of sound processing (reduces background noise better, picks sounds out of noise better, helps user determine where sounds are coming from)
  • There are desktop and portable chargers for rechargeable batteries accessible.
  • Hands-free wireless streaming from hearing aids to smartphones (for example, the sound of a video or a phone call is streamed straight into your hearing aids).
  • A MyMusic programme that can record music's intricate dynamic spectrum

Abundant Strength Delivered in Style

You can choose between daily ease with a desk charger and the freedom of a portable SmartCharger with Oticon More.

The SmartCharger allows you to travel small while keeping your hearing aids charged, dry, and safe.

On your nightstand, the desk charger is easily located.

Customized to Your Requirements

Each person is unique. Each of us has distinctive interests, pastimes, and personal preferences. Our requirements can differ slightly when it comes to selecting the best hearing aids. Oticon Own is designed to meet those requirements by providing you with best-in-class, individually tailored hearing aids that suit your ear shape and lifestyle.

New Improved Technology For All

Oticon has increased the variety of revolutionary hearing products in our portfolio. All of our solutions are built on the foundation of our BrainHearingTM theory and are intended to give users access to the entire sound environment, enabling the brain to function more naturally. To meet a range of hearing requirements, we provide a full line of products.

For a wide variety of individuals with mild to profound hearing loss, including those who are single-sided deaf, Oticon solutions offer various levels of support.

It's ideal to keep yourself as educated with your hearing aids and a new breakthrough in the technology. Ask your query via Book an Appointment today. For more information visit or you can call us today at (403)605-6300