One-Ear Deafness? Hearing aids for "CROS" are the cure

One-Ear Deafness? Hearing aids for "CROS" are the cure

Deafness only on one side? It is difficult to comprehend how crucial it is to hear the enormous diversity of sound that comes from all around you unless you have severe to total or untreatable hearing loss in one ear. You could be unable to carry on a conversation with someone who is on your side where your hearing is weak, entirely miss the message someone whispers into your unhearing ear, and fail to notice critical sounds and noises (like an approaching car) that could put you in grave danger.

With the brand-new CROS hearing aids from Embrace Hearing, you can hear everything clearly on all sides for less than half the cost of a nearby outlet. Our CROS system is specifically made for persons who have some (or no) hearing loss in one ear and an unrecoverable partial to total hearing loss in the other.

You wear two hearing aids when using the Embrace Hearing CROS hearing aids. Your better ear's hearing aid is set up for the hearing loss in that ear. The hearing aid in your unhearing/uncorrectable ear looks identical and wirelessly transmits every sound it picks up to the hearing aid in your hearing ear. Each hearing aid makes use of powerful binaural signal processing software to automatically focus on speech coming from the front, the back, and the sides. This allows for seamless 360° hearing even in the most difficult and complex circumstances. So, regardless of where a sound originates, your good ear will enable you to hear it clearly.

The two most popular designs of Embrace Hearing CROS hearing aids are behind-the-ear (BTE) and invisible-in-canal (IIC).

Both designs have all the characteristics you should look for in the highest calibre hearing aids made with cutting-edge technology:

  • A doctor of audiology with experience in programming, unrestricted support, and care.
  • Software that automatically adapts to 7 various hearing settings. (For instance, if you leave a quiet car and enter a noisy restaurant, your hearing aids will instantly notice the difference in background noise and adjust themselves accordingly. Finding the proper programme does not require you to fiddle with the aids.)
  • Simple remote controls. Through our free mobile phone app, our audiologists can upload a correction to your hearing aids remotely. There is no need for shipment or appointments.
  • a 3-year comprehensive warranty and a 45-day money-back guarantee
    sophisticated background/wind noise reduction
  • dual/directional mics, and fully automatic feedback blocking. Bluetooth and rechargeable alternatives are available.


Hearing what's important to you in every situation shouldn't be hindered by "unaidable" hearing loss in one ear. People who have total hearing loss in one ear and moderate (or no) hearing loss in the other ear are the target audience for the CROS system. You may hear discussions from both sides in the highest possible clarity thanks to our cutting-edge CROS systems.


The way they are programmed and their wireless functionality set CROS hearing aids apart from traditional hearing aids. A "CROS" system requires you to wear two hearing aids. The hearing aid in your better ear is a standard device that has been customised for the hearing loss in that ear. The hearing aid in your "unaidable ear" has the same appearance as the one in your good ear, but it transmits all of the sound it picks up wirelessly. Therefore, even if someone speaks into your deaf ear, you won't need to move your head to hear them because your good ear will pick it up clearly.


With your cooperation, our audiologists will provide the greatest hearing performance. Our Audiologists programme the hearing aids specifically for you based on the results of your hearing test. Additionally, you don't have to because the aids may automatically adapt to your surroundings. The hearing aids, for instance, would immediately notice a shift in background noise if you went from a quiet car to a noisy restaurant and would automatically compensate for it.


Whether you want Bluetooth streaming, rechargeability, or an inconspicuous "in the canal" design, Embrace Hearing has the best CROS solution for you for a fraction of the local retail cost. The "Behind-the-ear" type offers a rechargeable option and Bluetooth compatibility. One of the most covert hearing aids available is the Invisible-in-the-Canal device, which fits entirely inside your ear canal.


Simply give us a call if you need an adjustment, a new hearing test, or both, and our audiologists will make the necessary changes and upload them to your hearing aids using our free mobile app. There is no need for shipment or appointments.

It's ideal to keep yourself as educated with your hearing aids and a new breakthrough in the technology. Ask your query via Book an Appointment today. For more information visit or you can call us today at (403)605-6300